Wayfinding & Visitor Engagement Solutions


Let visitors understand your vision.
Point them to the right direction.

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We tailor interactive maps to help your visitors navigate around your indoor and outdoor space. Guide visitors dynamically, capture their impression, and offer actionable value, all from a single touch point.

Let your visitors advance from one medium to another seamlessly. With a simple click or scan, visitors can drop information from any touch point to their mobile device easily.

Leverage comprehensive tools to manage, configure and monitor Vispoint. From editing wayfinding nodes, to scheduling and distributing marketing content, our tools provides unparallel flexibility.

Vispoint offers you the flexibility to integrate data analytics and sensors. Uncover what visitors are looking for, track real-time foot traffic, get a comprehensive overview of engagements with your visitors.

A solution that is simply boundless

Helping visitors find their way is just the start, creating meaningful engagement is what truly matters

Office Complex

Manage your visitors and help them connect with people. Show visitors your conference schedules, office directories and more. Help visitors make better use of their time.

Institutional Campus

From finding available study rooms in a university campus to navigating exhibits in a museum. Provide visitors with accessible information that guides them as they explore.

Transport Terminal

From viewing transport schedules, to helping visitors reach their platforms and gates with ease. Build a frictionless visitor journey that alleviates traveler frustration.

Retail Destination

Streamline visitor experiences and deliver your retail message. From wayfinding, cinema ticketing, to F&B reservations; tell a coherent story and make visitors stay for more.

Supercharge your visitor engagement

Let us show you why Vispoint captures attention, delivers value and helps you evolve your visitor experience.

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