Signage Management System

An extended signage management system that provides an array of functionalities

The ZIGN is a powerful, comprehensive and intuitive solution for managing large-scale signage systems. ZIGN is a control platform built for signage media collaboration.

Aura Playlist Contribution System

Allows a creation of any signage playlist to be contributed by different departments. The system generates complete playlists by automatically compiling from multiple sources built by different users and teams.

Aura Playlist Sync

Provides streamlined synchronization for multiple signage players. Synchronization rules are applied based on different modes to switch and merge digital media content together.

Eliminate blank screens

ZIGN can intelligently populate signage screens with media when a disconnection occurs. ZIGN can arrange the latest playlist to be pre-scheduled to a player locally, allowing it to be displayed without rebooting or reconnecting to the network. ZIGN also tracks disconnections to allow the user team to address the underlying device issues quickly.

A visual snapshot tracker

ZIGN provide unparalleled control over signage media prototyping, iterations and adjustments. Version control offers the user playlist snapshots. The system records the playlist in every submission. The system in charge can comments on each playlist submission by reviewing snapshots. ZIGN also provide RTRL services for the real time updating, ensuring everyone works on the same version of the platform.

Track all changes and updates

ZIGN is a change and tracking orient solution. All changes made by any user of a playlist can be easily tracked in a detail playlist review section. Reviewers can view and trace old submissions of playlist with ease. Creating forks and adding changes, rendering another layer of flexibility to playlist creation. Managers can comment on all submitted versions and compare updates of the playlist and the selected medias the playlist is composed of.

An extendable solution

ZIGN provides unmatched digital interoperability. It is modular based and has the flexibility to integrate with other solutions including but not limited to the likes of Vispoint, Bluefox, external payment gateways, Azure facial recognition, carpark navigational systems and space directory solutions. ZIGN can also integrate with IOT sensors and platforms including AAIOT, Tencent WeLink for monitoring mall facilities, assets and resources in real time.

Enterprise grade security

ZIGN has Industry grade encryption and safety measures to ensure all data is safeguarded against intrusion. The system offers multiple prevention and protection mechanisms, including SQL injection protection, cookies protection, cross-site request forgery (CSRF) protection, cross-site scripting protection, password encryption, Google reCaptcha v3 and SHA-256 encryption.

At the surface Vispoint is a way-finder, however, it can become so much more.

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