Directory Solution


Smart display to promote image

Clear digital display

Easy update and save man power

System features

After the system is installed, it is self-operational. The settings can be applied to the preset digital catalog of power ON/OFF. The catalog software will automatically load every time the system is turned on.
The average digital catalog list is updated in less than 5 minutes!
Display information, weather, news, videos, announcements, etc.
Focus on event, meeting or conference information.
Touchscreen screen-saver with built-in welcome messages.
Real-time public transportation list.
Promote on-site facilities and services.
We provide 32", 43", 48", 55", 65" and 75” digital directory size.

At the surface Vispoint is a way-finder, however, it can become so much more.

Find out how we can extend VisPoint into a visitor experience hub that serves as the pillar of all your marketing efforts.