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K11 Musea

K11 Musea

K11 Musea is museum-retail destination and a world-class experiential landmark that located in the heart of the Victoria Dockside art and cultural district. Amalgamating the elements of art, people and nature, K11 Musea aspire to craft an extraordinary retail experience by attentively curating phenomenal components of creativity, culture and innovation, and hence modernising your lifestyle. Ranging from retail, art, culture, entertainment to gastronomy, K11 Musea aesthetically enriches your life through diverse aspects under one roof.

By implementing a comprehensive state-of-art digital enhancement, VisPoint leverages the luxury brand and polishes its premium image that enables K11 Musea to deliver bespoke offers, rewards and drive foot-fall, to ensure that shoppers get the most value from their visit, notably, in a frictionless manner.

Commencing with the meticulous investigation and analysis on the cruxes of its existing system, VisPoint had provided professional UI/UX and software amendments with extensive tests. Integrating our wayfinding solution seamlessly with its retail, art, entertainment, gastronomy, residence and promotional functions, visitors from all walks of life are guaranteed to navigate smoothly across different areas. Concurrently, our solution assists in the elevation of the competitivity by offering profound business insights via the vast amount of data analysis about the self-service kiosks.

Delightfully, we had successfully renovated it into a more advanced and user-friendly system with fruitful and quantified outcome, creating unprecedented values and experiences for both K11 Musea and their subsequent visitors.

  • Client:K11 Concepts Limited
  • Date:May, 2020
  • Website:https://www.k11musea.com
  • Services:VisPoint Wayfinding Directory System

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