e-Directory, 2D/3D Wayfinding



Being the heart of the Tin Shui Wai community since 1996, the mall had been given a dynamic uplift with a rejuvenated identity while retaining community spirit at its core, as well as a digital enhancement provided by VisPoint. +WOO promises to bring “More to Life” with more delights to shoppers, and serves a wide community, including families and office workers.

The interior of +WOO has key design elements inspired by the connotation of the Tin Shui Wai community – sky and water. Architectural features within the mall are infused with the elements of sky and water, for example, the skylight and flowing lake, resonating the branding concept. A large LED screen has been installed at the atrium to entice shoppers with entertaining visuals for marketing and in-mall promotions of the tenants.

VisPoint provides the platform that ensures the audiences and the mall stay connected. By integrating the Vispoint Interactive Concierge with +Woo’s existing legacy website, simple access to the latest shops, happenings, promotions, cutting edge wayfinding are accomplished both inside and outside the mall.

At the surface Vispoint is a way-finder, however, it can become so much more.

Find out how we can extend VisPoint into a visitor experience hub that serves as the pillar of all your marketing efforts.